Wolf Vows To Support Senate’s Medical Marijuana Bill – Washington Times

That bill was opposed by then-Gov. Tom Corbett and died when the House did not act on it at the end of the legislative session. Leach, D-Montgomery, and Folmer, R-Lebanon, envision a new bill that would expand the list of 10 authorized medical conditions to give doctors more leeway to prescribe medical marijuana as they see fit. The senators also plan to expand drug delivery methods to include smoking and vaporization, as well as extracted oils, edible products, ointments and tinctures. That bill has not been written, but Wolf said he will support it. If they support it and it takes us farther down the road toward what we all want, which is full legalization of medical marijuana, giving doctors the ability and the right to prescribe medicine they think that patients need, Im for it, Wolf said. Support for a medical marijuana bill is untested in the state House of Representatives, and Republican leaders there have pledged no support for the Senates approach. A spokesman for House Republican leaders said Tuesday that the Health and Judiciary committees are planning a series of joint hearings on the subject.
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