Whether Recreational Or Medicinal, Only The Finest Marijuana Will Do – Yahoo Finance

Sativa: For depression, migraines. A slightly milder version for afflictions addressed by Indica Hybrid: Pain relief as Indica without drowsiness. Considered ‘super’ strains and will have use in both medical and recreational applications. Pacific Therapeutics will use extracts from Vodis’ high quality marijuana strains to develop therapies in line with its mandate to reformulate approved drugs to increase efficacy and patient compliance, while reducing side effects. Current applications address fibrosis as well as erectile dysfunction; both high margin, high growth fields. In addition to the $1.1 billion Pulmonary Fibrosis market opportunity, Pacific’s PTL-202 may be effective as a treatment for Liver Cirrhosis a $1.56 billion global market opportunity in 2010, that is expected to grow to $2.03 billion by 2017 (Global Data, Feb, 2011). In an August 8th Press Release, Pacific’s CEO Doug Unwin states: “If the growth of the medical use of marijuana is to develop, physicians need therapeutics that they can trust to deliver consistent doses of cannabinoids to their patients. We are very excited to enter into this agreement and to begin the development of these in demand therapeutics using specific strains of cannabis developed by Vodis.” Therapeutic delivery methods will also be developed such as a transdermal patch to ensure consistent and measured dosages. This approach is particularly important not only as an alternative delivery system, but critical when dealing with therapies for children. Extracting the appropriate Cannabinoids (CBD) takes a significant amount of cannabis ‘feed stock’ for the more than 100 that have been identified so far.
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