Washington Likely To Ban Delivery Of Marijuana – Spokesman.com – April 24, 2014

Home deliverys getting to be an established practice among medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Liquor Board member Chris Marr said. The board has no control over medical marijuana but doesnt wantrecreational marijuana to followthattrend. No one objected to that change Wednesday, or to most other proposals, such as one that bars stores from taking back marijuana in packages that have been opened or another requiring processors to take back products and sample jars from retailers so they can be properly disposed of.Stores wont be set up to destroy unused or unwanted products. Under the rules, the processors dont have to give a refund forreturnedproducts. Another proposed rule says stores cant sell edible marijuana products that must be kept refrigerated or heated. The Health Department is worried such items could become hazardous if kept at thewrongtemperature. The no-delivery rule cant guaranteesomeone wont try to set up business as a runner, buying from the store and making a delivery to a customer for a fee. Transporting marijuana that way would be illegal, but the boards enforcement officers might not know unless a store complains about someone making repeat purchases or trying to buy more than the amount allowed percustomervisit.
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