The Day – Almost Here: Medical Marijuana In Branford | News From Southeastern Connecticut

“Some will increase the appetite, others are taken at nighttime to help sleep, some assist patients with glaucoma, others are day-time strength.” By state law, medical marijuana patients must be at least 18. The drugs produced from the medical marijuana strains will be offered in forms that can be smoked as well as taken in pills and transdermal patches or given through vaporizer delivery (think e-cigarette). While “edibles,” such as brownies with marijuana content, are available, Tamborrino said, “I’m going to be cautious about what edibles we bring to the facility. We will look at it on a patient-to-patient basis. We’re not going to market to any child.” Another thing that won’t be marketed: “head shop” marijuana paraphernalia such as water pipes and other smoking gear. Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut will sell vaporizers, which “allow the transmission of the medicine as needed,” said Tamborinno. All forms of medical marijuana leaving Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut will be dispensed in pharmaceutical containers. Asked whether some patients may attempt to abuse or otherwise illegally handle their up to 2.5-ounce allotment per month, Tamborrino said the same stringent state laws, practices, and “red flags” applied to any pharmaceutical abuse will apply here.
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