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The bill is Senate Bill 7509 , and it could signal a possible compromise that Senate Republicans could get behind. Oregon Circuit Court Judge Rules State Medical Marijuana Law Conflicts With Federal Law; Is Unenforceable . In a case involving the right of the city of Medford to revoke the business license of a dispensary, a Jackson County circuit court judge has ruled that the state’s Oregon Medical Marijuana Act is “unenforceable” because it conflicts with federal law. Expect the decision to be appealed. Drug Policy DEA Head Chastened After Being Taken to the Woodshed Over Sentencing Remarks . DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart’s lack of support for Obama administration mandatory minimum sentencing reforms at a congressional hearing last month got her a good talking to from her boss, Attorney General Eric Holder, The Huffington Post reports. She’s been off the reservation on other issues as well, especially around the administration’s relatively enlightened approach to marijuana policy, and just this week, her agency has been messing with Kentucky’s effort to do legal hemp research. But it was her refusal to endorse changes in mandatory minimums that got her sent to the boss’s office. Now, the DEA says Leonhart “supports the Attorney Generals sentencing reform initiative.” Drug Policy Expert Mark Kleiman Says It May Be Time to Do Away With DEA . In the same Huffington Post piece cited above, drug policy expert and current advisor to the state of Washington on marijuana legalization implementation Mark Kleiman said that while, in the past, he opposed dissolving the DEA and splitting its function, he is changing his tune. “Any DEA administrator feels an organizational imperative to support the existing drug laws and sentencing structure, even when doing so means opposing the purposes of the attorney general and the president, as we see currently,” Kleiman said.
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