Sparc Is The Apple Store Of Marijuana Shops – Business Insider

“If you walk into any other business, whether it’s a restaurant or food service business, they put a lot into the atmosphere and customer service,” Robert Jacob, Sparcs executive director, tells CNBC . “Sparc wanted to do the same.” The clean, well-lit interior is lined with thick, modern pale wood shelving similar to an Apple retail location, or modern clothing store. And rather than being housed in mismatched boxes, the marijuana is organized uniformly in large, clear plastic cases. The small, clear circular containers are organized in precise rows with well designed labels. Marijuana on display at Sparc Sparc, which was founded in 2009, currently serves up to 400 customers per day who can sometimes pay $300 for an ounce of marijuana, CNBC reports. Customers must be at least 18 years or older and have a letter of recommendation from a physician in order to purchase marijuana from Sparc. And the retail store has also partnered with Eaze, a local startup trying to revolutionize medical marijuana delivery. Sparc is officially a non profit, and they donate their surplus funds to San Francisco charities, but the company has seen a big uptick in business thanks to the legal marijuana markets recent growth.
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