Sadie Suffers From A Rare And Terminal Genetic Disorder And Her Family Hopes That Through A Petition , Their Appeal Will Be Met With A Response From The White House.

Titus will speak on March 8 on the history and applicability of cannabis as a medicine. Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds will showcase at booth #311 some of their Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) cannabidiol (CBD) hemp-based products, highlight a new customer affiliate program , and put a spotlight on a young advocate working to make a sweeping change in federal marijuana policy. “We are pleased to be taking part in the California Cannabis Business Expo,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, Chief Executive Officer of Medical Marijuana, Inc. “Our participation in this tradeshow gives us a chance to showcase our products and take an active role in the community we are focused on supporting. Additionally, we are especially happy to be joined by a special guest Sadie Higuera, as she spearheads a campaign to garner acknowledgment of the medicinal benefits of cannabis by the Trump administration.” HempMeds will be placing a spotlight on Sadie Higuera, a local colorado pot business San Diego girl attempting to meet President Trump and change U.S. policy toward cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. Sadie suffers from a rare and terminal genetic disorder and her family hopes that through a petition , their appeal will be met with a response from the White House. On Display, HempMeds flagship RSHO products, in original paste form, MCT Liquid Oil and then RSHO Capsules and was the first cannabis-based product to be legalized into a Latin American country (Brazil April 2014) for the treatment of refractory epilepsy – the type of epilepsy that is resistant to pharmaceutical intervention.Additionally, RSHO-X a fully THC free version was legalized into Mexico as of Feb., 1 2016 as the first cannabis based product to be so accepted, again for refractory epilepsy indications. Today, HempMeds remains the only legal cannabis supplier to Mexico.

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