On Wednesday, The Company Put Out A Press Release And A Few Things That Caught Brochsteins Eye.

Garbage Companies & The Marijuana Industry: Expert Warns About Overvalued Cannabis Stocks That’s always a huge red medical marijuana videos flag, he noted. In addition, they haven’t been showing a lot of revenue. On Wednesday, the company put out a press release and a few things that caught Brochsteins eye. “Their stock has been hammered year-to-date,” Brochstein started. “Suddenly, they come out with a press release where they talk about acquiring what they call a ‘popular social network community, www.weedwall.com .'” “I follow this industry full-time and I’ve never heard of this site. So, I went to weedwall.com… All I could find were advertisements for illegal drugs for sale.” A look at their balance sheet shows Greengro didn’t have the resources to make an acquisition like the two they mentioned in the press release, Brochstein said. “They are throwing out big numbers [revenue projections] and they are not likely to ever pan out. They are several times higher than what they ever produced.” A Trash Stock, Literally The second company in Brochsteins radar is Mentor Capital Inc (OTC: MNTR ). “Mentor is a different kind of animal,” Brochstein said. “The guy running it has been doing it for a very long time, and he failed in his first effort, in my opinion. I say that mainly because I looked at the numbers and the stock chart.

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