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Woodward believes the groups have misinterpreted a Facebook post on the OBN page. The post states there are chemicals in pot (THC and CBD) that help people. We support medical uses of THC and CBD if used correctly. Woodward said CBD oil has shown promising results in helping kids with seizure disorders in other states and OBN is not opposed to legalizing in Oklahoma. We are optimistic that it could be done, if done correctly, if it is proven to be medicine, but like any drug we need to know what we are dealing with and we need to make sure it is not going to do more harm than good, stated Woodward. Woodward argues the current medical marijuana petition is too broad. He says smoking pot is not good for anyone. Woodward said, We are very much against it and no legitimate doctor is going to say that smoking something is the best delivery system for any medicine. Tags medical marijuana OBN Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Oklahoma City SUPPORT FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA.
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