Ntrr: Cannabis Demand In California Could Top $2.1 Trillion – Yahoo Finance

At $1,000 per pound, that adds up to $2.1 trillion. The potential marketplace in California and other large states is simply staggering, said NTRR CEO Sydney Jim. We expect that California will adopt legislation in favor of recreational cannabis in the coming years, and we plan to be ready when it does. NTRR is working to capitalize on the nationwide wave of cannabis decriminalization and legalization by offering new advances in nutraceutical cultivation and delivery. The company is working to assist partner Vertigo Technologies in delivering a turn-key solution for indoor horticulturalists that could be especially useful for growers in an industry in which year-round yields and speedy production are especially crucial to business. Last week, NTRR also announced that it ordered the first production run of a new vapor pen featuring customizable power levels, multi-substance vaporization capacity and best-in-class durability, making it a unique and groundbreaking product in the fast-growing vaporization industry. By providing a variety of new technologies designed to ensure safer, more reliable access to cannabis in approved markets, Neutra Corp.
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