New York Legalizes Medical Marijuana!

The accepted delivery methods in the bill are edibles, tinctures and vape pens or e-cigs. “Risks to public health and safety have to be averted, Gov. Cuomo said. I believe this bill strikes the right balance. Gov. Cuomo: “I believe this bill strikes the right balance.” A relatively small number of agreed-upon conditions , including cancer, HIV, MS and epilepsy, will reduce the bill’s reach. Glaucoma , for instance, was removed several weeks ago. While applauding the compromise, DPA’s Gabriel Sayegh stated, “We are disappointed to learn that eligible conditions have been limited, and despite strong medical evidence about the benefits of smoked and raw cannabis, leaders decided to exclude this as an option for doctors and patients in New York.The decision about the mode of administration for any medication should be left up to doctors and their patients. The cost of purchasing a vaporizer and the extract products will likely leave many low-income patients behind, and there is little research on the long-term health effects of using extracts. We know that overly restrictive programs, like New Jerseys, can create enormous obstacles for suffering patients.” In the next 18 months, the state Health Department will name five organizations that will be licensed to grow and sell marijuana to patients at 20 dispensary locations (five per organization) around the state. A 7% tax will be added on sales of medical marijuana. Though all parties signed off on the new language of the Compassionate Care Act, both chambers needed to ratify the bill before the legislative session ended June 20.
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