Mjic’s Seal Of Approval The State Has Provided Tremendous Power For City Officials.

Uncertainty In Investing Despite the excitement, colorado marijuana many investors are unsure of how they can capitalize on this emerging trend. The end of prohibition of marijuana in the United States has the potential to be very lucrative for investors; however, many investors are hesitant to invest their hard-earned dollars in an industry where considerable uncertainty persists . While investing in cannabis is nothing new, for years there has been significant gray areas surrounding the legality of profiting off this industry. Given recent legislation in California permitting recreational use, serious players are entering this space. Now that the sale of recreational cannabis is legal in several states, the issue companies face is regulations, or lack thereof, are left to not only the states but the municipalities to choose how they want to handle the sale and distribution of cannabis. An industry previously only regulated by law enforcement leaves tremendous uncertainty for those looking to get into the industry from an investment perspective. Since there are no set regulatory enforcement agencies in the marijuana industry, theres a lot of uncertainty around the current investments in the market. Organizations like MJIC are stepping up to provide regulatory support and protection for marijuana operators. MJIC’s Seal Of Approval The state has provided tremendous power for city officials. While most cities have an infrastructure to issue licenses, it’s not that different than what planning commissions and building departments do. They are not set up to monitor what is happening as operations begin.

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