Mind Cure Science Advisor Becomes First CSO As It Builds World-Class Team

Mind Cure Science Advisor Becomes First CSO As It Builds World-Class Team

Dr. Ryan Hartwell is a decorated medical researcher and successful life sciences entrepreneur

It’s still very early in the game for the psychedelic drug industry. While a few companies are more advanced, most are still laying the foundations for their psychedelic drug R&D – and assembling their teams.

For this reason, investors in psychedelic stock aren’t merely looking for the strongest business models. They are also looking for the strongest teams.
As Mind Cure Health (CAN:MCUR / US:MCURF) lays its own foundations, it has been intent on assembling a world-class management team.

Psychedelic Stock Watch has been covering many of these new appointments since MCUR went public in September.

Along with the appointment of Kelsey Ramsden as COO (two-time Top Female Entrepreneur in Canada) has come a series of high-profile appointments to Mind Cure’s Advisory Board.

·  (October 1st) Dr. Dan Engle, a world-renowned physician in psychiatry and neurology deeply involved in psychedelic drug development, was appointed as an Advisor
·  (October 6th) Hamilton Morris, an award-winning journalist and psychedelics expert, was added as an Advisor
·  (October 7th) Dr. Jason Wallach, a prominent researcher and academic in psychedelic medicine, was also appointed as an Advisor

Even before these new appointments, Mind Cure already had a veteran of natural health product research and a successful life sciences entrepreneur on board as part of its Advisory team: Dr. Ryan Hartwell.

Dr. Hartwell is a decorated medical researcher in British Columbia, a hot-bed for psychedelic drug R&D. With a PhD. In Experimental Medicine, Hartwell holds a faculty position at the University of British Columbia, where he is already supervising research teams.

But Dr. Hartwell also has a strong entrepreneurial streak.

He has participated in other life sciences start-ups, including being co-founder of ATS Biotech Inc. Along the way, he became co-inventor of FS2 and AI-001, two cell therapy technologies.

Mind Cure names Dr. Ryan Hartwell as first Chief Science Officer

Given these qualifications, it wasn’t a surprise when (on November 10th) Mind Cure named Dr. Hartwell as its first CSO.

Hartwell’s research and business experience has also given him a deep understanding of the regulatory side of life sciences. Mind Cure’s announcement of the appointment of Dr. Hartwell notes:

He possesses first-hand experience in FDA, EU, HC, CFDA and Japan Regulatory filings for drug products, medical devices and natural health products, and has published 20 peer-reviewed articles, 26 presentation abstracts and holds four patents.

Dr. Hartwell himself put the appointment into context.

“After a decade of researching solutions to prevent and treat physical scars, I am thrilled to join Mind Cure and the world-class team of scientists and researchers working towards a cure for psychological scarring.”

Psychedelic Stock Watch has previously noted the enormous research and commercial potential of psychedelic drugs to address the Mental Health Crisis.

For this reason, the industry has already been attracting many high-profile investors in psychedelic stocks. This includes some of the biggest names from both Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

This same potential is also allowing public and private companies in the psychedelics space to attract top-flight talent to their own management teams.

Mind Cure Health is one of the companies capitalizing on this deep pool of talent – as it assembles a world-class team for psychedelic drug research.

DISCLOSURE: Mind Cure Health is a client of Psychedelic Stock Watch. The writer holds shares in Mind Cure Health.

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