Medical Marijuana Shops Will Legally Operate In Santa Ana | 89.3 Kpcc

Both measures passed but the citys initiative received more votes, 65.9 percent. Under the citys measure, medical marijuana dispensaries can only operate in two industrial parts of the city. They cannot be clustered or within 1,000 feet of any park, school or residential area. No cultivation is allowed. Tinajero said Santa Ana is now prepared for 2016, when marijuana advocates are expected to try to get a statewide measure passed to legalize recreational marijuana use. By having something in place, weve already set the standard of where we would allow any type of cannabis sales in the city to occur, he said. The city of Costa Mesa is in the middle of creating an ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries there. It, too, was forced into regulation by a coalition of marijuana advocates. Randall Longwith, an attorney who represents dispensary owners, led a petition effort to place marijuana regulations on the Costa Mesa ballot in March. Thats been delayed and advocates are threatening legal action. Longwith is using the voter referendum as a tool to pressure other cities too–Westminster is next–into legalizing the dispensaries.
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