Medical marijuana oil used to treat abused Harvey Co. dog

An unusual and controversial treatment is being used to help a dog shot several times. Last Tuesday, a farmer’s wife found the dog in one of it’s fields in Harvey County.

The dog, named Samson, eventually came under the care of K9 Karma Animal Advocates in Wichita.

Despite the time that has passed, the wounds on Samson are still visible.

“He’s my toughest case ever,” said Jessica Sherwood with K9 Karma. “I’ve never seen a dog this bad still alive.

Sherwood took Samson into her home to help him recover.

She says he was shot at least six times, with bullets still in his shoulder, back and nose. He was shot in the right eye and lost his vision.

There are even visible wounds on his tongue that Sherwood says are from a bullet.

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