Medical Marijuana For Our Pets? – Fox 13 News

In a 2013 report from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association titled “Veterinary marijuana?”, there are several testimonials from pet owners and medical professionals discussing the pros, cons and possibilities of medical marijuana for pets. “We definitely need this research, just like we are looking to research it for humans. And my goal is not to cost the state of Florida any money,” Miller said. Her amendment to the Senate medical marijuana proposal (SB 7066) would allow the Department of Health to “contract with a veterinary research organization to determine the benefits and contraindications of the use of low-THC cannabis for research and treatment of animals with seizure disorders or other life limiting illnesses. No state appropriation will be used for low-THC cannabis for animal research,” the amendment reads. If approved, the plan would be to get either vet schools or other private firms to conduct the research. Dr. Christine Glenn at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay said there’s just not enough information at this time to give a valid opinion on if pets can benefit from medical pot.
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