Medical Marijuana Delivery Services Rise In California Amid U.s. Dispensary Crackdown

“If a delivery service wanted to open up in Los Angeles and do it all by the book, they couldn’t get licensed, even if they wanted to, because there’s no system in place for doing that,” explained DeAngelo. “I’ve heard expressions of concerns about the situation from law enforcement and I think that’s pretty reasonable,” DeAngelo added. Other medical marijuana advocates also said more rules need to be put in place to ensure these businesses don’t simply become cover for the black market. A bill currently making its way through the the California legislature may do just that. Introduced by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), the bill would create a new regulatory body under the aegis of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission overseeing the entire medical marijuana supply chain from cultivation to point of sale. The legislation, which supporters said may get a vote before the state Assembly later this month, doesn’t specifically mention delivery services, but it leaves open the possibility that the newly created regulatory agency could take delivery operations under its purview if it chooses. Much as the explosion in pot delivery services is an outgrowth of California’s internal fight over medical cannabis, DeAngelo said he sees Harborside’s expansion into delivery as something largely driven by external circumstances. “If all our physical locations are forced to close, there’s no question we’d go delivery-only, but I’d view that as a strategic retreat,” said DeAngelo. “There’s no way patients can get the level of convenience or service with just delivery. There’s a need for both options.” Related on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow $13.7 Billion Saved On Prohibition Enforcement Costs The government would save an estimated $13.7 billion on prohibition enforcement costs and tax revenue by legalizing marijuana, according to a paper endorsed by 300 economists. Marijuana Inmates Cost Prisons $1 Billion A Year Inmates incarcerated on marijuana-related charges cost U.S.
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