Vaporizer Represents Superior Non-smoking Solution For Delivery Of Medical Marijuana – Yahoo Finance

Photo – The website now offers a vaporizer, four inches tall and operated by a rechargeable battery. It fits conveniently in a pants pocket or women’s purse. Patients place dry herb or oil in the vaporizer and heat it; the active ingredients in marijuana, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinoil (THC) and cannabidiol, are released as vapor to be inhaled, rather than smoked in a cigarette. “Research has determined that vaporization is capable of delivering immensely therapeutic doses of cannabinoids; nearly 3661% of THC is active when using a vaporizer, as is an overwhelming amount of cannabinoids and trace amounts of three other active compounds,” said Jason Draizin, CEO of the website . “The vaporizer is a safer alternative to smoking and is appropriate for almost every patient whose ailment is treated with medical marijuana,” he added. The vaporizer’s heat warms the dry herb or oil to a temperature between 285 and 338 degrees, releasing active ingredients in the form of vapor, without actually igniting the leaves or oil. Within the first few seconds of the initial inhalation, 95% of the THC in the vaporized cannabis is absorbed. According to Dr. David Weissberg, Orthopedist, Long Island Orthopedic Solutions in Huntington Station, NY, “Vapor is estimated to be 95% smoke free, as well as 95% carcinogen free.
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