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The conference will connect marijuana industry leaders with coders (and capital) from Silicon Valley. One Seattle Police Officer Writes 80 Percent of All Marijuana Related Tickets Since recreational marijuana use was legalized in Washington this January, the Seattle police department has given out 82 tickets regarding marijuana. It is legal to possess and consume marijuana, but it is illegal to use marijuana in public places, and if caught, the user might be ticketed. Out of the 82 tickets issued in Seattle since January, one police officer has written 80 percent of all citations. Though the name of the police officer has not been officially released by Seattle PD, the Seattle Times published an article stating that the officer is most likely long time bicycle officer Randy Jokela. Bankrupt City in California is Looking to Capitalize on Cannabis This July, San Bernardino, California, celebrated the second anniversary of filing for bankruptcy, and activists are now hoping that marijuana tax revenue can give the city the boost it needs to get back on track. The city was concerned about where it would find the funds to crack down on illegal medical marijuana dealers popping up across the city, so activists promoted a regulation process that would put the drug money into the city’s hands. City Council Member James Mulvihill told FoxNews.Com that Prohibiting them [medical marijuana businesses] is obviously not working.
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