Marijuana Regulations In Washington State Shape Recreational Market And Impact Medical Users – Mainstreet

How this move in Washington will impact medicinal users and those who serve them is also unclear in the state if not beyond. The tightening of regulations affecting every level of production, if not distribution and sales, to meet the demands of a larger legal market is clearly impacting medical users and not always in a positive way. Related Articles Law Enforcement Officers Who Support Marijuana Legalization: Badges for Bongs According to Kris Hermes, spokesperson for Americans for Safe Access, a national patients’ rights advocacy group, medical users, as a group, like the larger population of chronically ill patients and those with serious disabilities, often have logistical barriers to transportation (like driving). The severe burden that new initiatives like banning delivery places on severely ill medical marijuana patients, particularly with new rules on grow gardens, is one that will fall heaviest on the medical user group. The reason ? The new proposed ban on delivery, per se, which is a fairly new development and aimed at recreational users, also impacts an issue of perhaps the greatest interest right now in Washington: home gardens and so-called “community grows” (collectives of plants for two or more patients). How the state will continue to attempt to regulate the same is an issue of great concern to many, from the business community to patients in particular. Washington’s medical grow and patient regulations are widely considered some of the most loosely written in the U.S., so a move to tighten them up as the state proceeds to widen the legitimate legal market is no surprise to many. Not everyone is also opposed to some kind of reform including gaping loopholes created by an unsteady regulatory development, that need to be fixed in the near future. For example, the state’s medical marijuana legislation, dating to 1998, does not provide even arrest protection for chronically-ill users.
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