Laura Yard: Medical Community Isn’t Buying Amendment 2 |

The AMA is joined by a dozen other major medical associations, including the American Cancer Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Glaucoma Society, the American Psychiatric Association and others, in opposing such measures. Cannabis-based products and delivery devices should receive the same Food and Drug Administration approval as other prescription drugs, and smoking as a means of drug delivery is just not safe. Smokable marijuana has four times the amount of tar as tobacco and possesses the same carcinogenic properties. Decisions on medicine need to be based on scientific review and not on ballot initiatives. Proponents of Amendment 2 have cast themselves as seeking to help patients suffering from the most serious illnesses, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. However, Colorados marijuana patient database shows that only 3 percent of those using the drug for purported medical purposes cited cancer and only 1 percent cited HIV/AIDS.
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