Kincardine Medical Marijuana Facility? | Lucknow Sentinel

a day,” Ruimy said. Herburger said the laws changed in February dictating who can grow medical marijuana, so while the business was started three years ago and construction began in May, it took a year to get a full pre-license for the facility. “It’s very exciting to get that and it’s when were able to actually start construction and the renovations on the greenhouse,” Herburger. “Right now we are working on building all of the security aspects, at which point Health Canada will come in and inspect us and we will be fully licensed for production.” The security grade will match any similar narcotics production facility, such as a pharmaceutical factory producing oxycontin, Herburger said. “The whole thing is regulated federally through Health Canada,” Ruimy said. “We need to first of all prove that we are building a safe, secure facility that’s the main focus, to make sure no product gets out that isn’t supposed to get out, making sure no contaminant of any kind gets into any of the product and make sure everything is extremely well documented.” The company is currently developing phase one of four, with plans to be open and producing in the 340,000-square-foot facility by “mid-to-late fall this year.” “Hopefully we’ll have (phase) four going in a couple of years,” said Herburger.
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