Kannalife Sciences, Inc. Signs New License Agreement With National Institutes Of Health (nih) For Treatment Of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – Yahoo Finance

stated, “We are very pleased to have this opportunity to add an additional license through NIH-OTT under the ‘507 Patent’ for the furtherance of research and development of target therapeutics to treat head trauma and, more specifically Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This disease has perplexed neurologists and the scientific community for well over two decades and recently caused U.S. District Court Judge Anita B. Brody to reject the preliminary approval of a $765 million settlement of NFL concussion claims, fearing it may not be enough to cover 20,000 retired players. We have committed ourselves towards researching and developing cannabinoid based therapeutics that can provide for preventative, curative and quality of life improvement for patients suffering with rare forms of encephalopathy. We can now focus our efforts on CTE alongside Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) as our early pre-clinical work on HE is pointing towards advanced neuroprotection. We hope our early efforts on CTE will meet the same level of success as our on-going research and development regarding HE.” Not unlike Hepatic Encephalopathy, CTE is a neuro-degenerative disease of the brain and is associated with repeated head traumas like concussions. CTE is a form of encephalopathy that is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease, which can only be definitively diagnosed postmortem, in individuals with a history of multiple concussions and other forms of head injury.
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