Japan Is Nearly Four Years Into A Central Bank Stimulus Effort Involving Printing Trillions Of Yen And Guiding Interest Rates Into Negative Territory, Perhaps The Globes Most Aggressive Such Efforts Under Way.

It is hard to change the deflationary mind-set medical marijuana business even with radical policies, says Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asia economics for HSBC. I would argue Japan will remain in its funk and will remain there for many years. Japan is nearly four years into a Central Bank stimulus effort involving printing trillions of yen and guiding interest rates into negative territory, perhaps the globes most aggressive such efforts under way. Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kurodas shock-and-awe stimulus, launched in April 2013, fizzled after a short-lived spurt of growth and rising prices. Japan fell back into deflation last year. More recently, the inflation rate has been bouncing around near zero. In November, Mr. Kuroda postponed his goal of reaching 2% inflation, all but admitting he is out of ideas. He said in a series of speeches last year that an entrenched deflationary mind-set stifled hope that wages or prices will rise, limiting the impact of monetary policies such as negative rates. Mr.

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