It Turns Out The First Three Recommendations Dodge That Problem Quite Nicely.

It is still a federal crime for marijuana companies to put money from drug sales in banks. So how can they do their accounting and financial reporting? It turns out the first three recommendations dodge that problem quite nicely. One is a biotechnology company that is developing synthetic marijuana-type drugs to be delivered through the skin. Another produces medical grade marijuana, the use of which is legal in a number of states. The third is a Canadian marijuana grower. To be perfectly honest, its unlikely that Ill buy into a marijuana-related company, although the idea of making a little money off all those potheads does have a perverse appeal to it. I do think the trend toward legalization will continue across the country, so it is reasonable to assume that some of these companies will make more money colorado medical marijuana over time. Its hard to get past the just say no mindset. What would I tell my kids?

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