Investing In The Budding Tesla Of Medical Marijuana –

How hard could it be to start a profitable medical marijuana operation? A new entrepreneur in the space only needs to worry about rent, labor, power, materials and distribution. If that is the sole focus, funding will always be a major concern. A single failed crop could spell financial ruin, or at the very least destroy all previous investments in branding. The business has become more expensive and logistically complex than ever before. Just wait until the FDA gets involved in the approval process. Many of the changes happening in the industry are and increasingly will be government mandated. Reliable access to funding will ensure staying power. As a publicly listed company with strong financial backers, Verde stands out in this crucial respect. Sangha continues: “Verde Science plans to join forces and work in partnership with established players that have embraced an all-encompassing, integrated technology driven approach to medical marijuana with plans to become the leader in providing services to the cannabis industry.
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