I Think That In Terms Of Establishing (and Really Cementing) Your Presence In Another Country Its Good To Have A Base Of Operations There; Its Good To Create Jobs And Awareness Of Your Brand In The Community.

Once we have 5 million square feet built, if at that point we think we still need to produce more, we could either do two stories of production or we could look at land acquisition. But right now were focused on building out our footprint in Canada. I think its unlikely we would make any very significant land acquisitions in Canada just because we are putting a lot of attention on being a global supplier and distributor. We think its very likely that by the end of the year we will have or will start to break ground on an international producer, outside of Canada. Hasse: Why would you be interested in producing outside of Canada? Gorenstein: There are various reasons for that. I think that in terms of establishing (and really cementing) your presence in another country colorado medical marijuana news its good to have a base of operations there; its good to create jobs and awareness of your brand in the community. But also, there are some countries, that because of the nature of where theyre located in the world, the humidity and sunlight profile, the climate, the water, the labor costs […] you actually can produce cheaper in those locations than you would be able to anywhere in Canada. Hasse: Are you planning on making investments in verticals, like clinics or agtech companies, as well?

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