House Dflers Announce Medical Marijuana Deal, But Details Displease Some Supporters | Minnpost

That means anyone suffering from cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Tourette Syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s, seizures and epilepsy, Crohns disease and severe and persistent muscles spasms like Multiple Sclerosis can be enrolled in a trial by their practitioner. Parents with children under 18 can opt out of being given a placebo in the trial, Melin said. The deal would allow delivery of medical marijuana in a liquid oil pill or in vapor form under the supervision of a practitioner. The bill would allow a single in-state manufacturer contracted through the Department of Health to distribute medical marijuana for the studies. The idea originally came from Daytons office back in March, when he pitched the Mayo Clinic enter into a clinical trial. At the time, medical marijuana advocates opposed the study because there was no state-allowed source for the marijuana the federal government hasnt assisted with other such studies around the country. The new deal also allows vaporization in the study Daytons solution did not. There would be no smoking of medical marijuana in the bill, a key component that kept law enforcement, and thus Dayton, from supporting Melins original bill. “I appreciate the efforts being made to develop a bill that offers hope to children and adults suffering from horrible diseases,” Dayton said in a statement. “The bill places heavy new responsibilities on the Minnesota Department of Health, and I have asked Commissioner Ehlinger to assess the costs of its implementation and its practicability. I also want legal counsel to assess the potential liability to the State from sponsoring such trials.I will need that information before making any decision.” This is something that [the governors office is] taking very seriously and looking at very seriously, House Speaker Paul Thissen said.
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