Honey Oil Production Explodes In Mendicino – The Willits News

The THC heavy trichomes then sink to the bottom and are sifted through even finer mesh bags resulting in a ground-beef like slab of hash that bubbles when lit. As Supervisor John Pinches pointed out at the recent meeting, “That explains why ice sells more in the middle of wintertime than on the Fourth of July.” But Briley, doesn’t concern himself too much with bubble hash, as he said, “I’m not even talking about marijuana. I’m just talking about these explosions that we have.” And the majority of the explosions have resulted from the rapidly expanding production of honey oil. In contrast to bubble hash, chemical extraction methods are very illegal and carry stiff jail times. Rather than using harmless water to freeze the trichomes, this method requires the use of the extremely flammable gas butane. In a method called “open blasting,” Canisters of the gas are plugged into extraction tubes stuffed with shake and the cold butane flows through the tube chilling the trichomes and acting as a solvent. A coffee filter wrapped around the bottom of the glass keeps residue in and allows a solution of butane and THC to ooze out, generally onto a Pyrex platter. As anyone who has watched the procedure, or one of countless YouTube videos demonstrating it, knows, the butane pouring out makes the air look wavy, like the hood of a car on a hot day. This is because butane is dense, denser than air, meaning it doesn’t dissipate into the atmosphere. Instead, when open blasting is done indoors the highly flammable gas collects on the floor; an invisible flood slowly creeping higher in search of ignition. When that spark comesand it could be anything, static from clothes, a spark from an electrical socket, a pilot light, a refrigerator coil, or someone silly enough to light a jointthe butane ignites in a tiny fraction of a second, exploding the house and causing severe burns to anyone present.
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