Growlife Inc
revealed on Thursday that it received a patent for its EZ-CLONE
Pro Commercial Cloning System from the Canadian patent regulatory authority.

GrowLife developed the EZ-CLONE Pro Commercial Cloning
System after acquiring EZ-CLONE Enterprises, Inc. whose main specialty is
creating cloning and propagation machinery. The company developed the
commercial cloning system design for the marijuana and hemp industry’s commercial-scale
plant cultivators. Its goal is to offer user-friendly and sustainable solutions
that will fill the demand for such solutions.

“The issuance of this patent illustrates how innovative this product is and how much it can disrupt the entire cannabis and hemp industries,” said Marco Hegyi, the CEO of GrowLife.

Hegyi also pointed out that commercial cultivators want
solutions that will help them achieve more consistency and health in their
plant growth within the shortest time possible. He also noted that it is
important to protect the new design because it is a legacy of EZ-CLONE and that
it is important for GrowLife’s future.

GrowLife announces a
deal with Emerald Metrics LLC 

GrowLife announced towards the end of June that it secured a
deal with cannabis technology provider Emerald Metrics LLC to introduce
spectral imagery into EZ-CLONE systems. The two companies struck a partner deal
through which GrowLife’s EZ-CLONE systems will receive the proprietary
technology from Emerald Metrics.

The EZ-CLONE Pro is a commercial propagation system that is
designed to help cultivators or growers gain a better picture of the clones
cultivated in a system. The addition of Emerald’s spectral imagery technology
into the EZ-CLONE Pro will allow cultivators to receive advance notice about
the health of the clone. It will also grant the system the ability to detect
other issues that might be taking place before they are detectable by the naked

The partnership between GrowLife and Emerald Metrics is the
result of the increasing demand for more advanced technologies in cloning and
hemp cultivation. Cultivators also require more advanced technologies that will
allow them to increase their productivity to meet the rapidly rising demand.
They also aim to achieve their productivity goals with more operational
efficiencies so that they can achieve more profitability.