Golocalprov | Politics | Obamacare Implications Of Medical Marijuana In Rhode Island

I feel that medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment for a lot of people that have bad responses to traditional prescription drugs, he said. I feel in the long run, and in the short term as well, its going to save on healthcare costs enormously. Moffat believes medical marijuana is a cost-effective substitution for prescription opiates that are more addicting and have more detrimental withdrawal effects in addicted patients than medical marijuana. The problem, Moffat says, is the cost of marijuana compared to the cost of insurance-covered opiates. The 30 day supply of Vicodin costs them $5 because insurance covers it, but if they wanted to get an ounce of medical marijuana thats going to cost them $400-$500, Moffat said. I dont think it makes a lot of sense that were letting what is really an appropriate treatment for a lot of folks be underutilized. Issues with Smoking as Medicine Experts against adding medical marijuana to Obamacare argue that smoking is not an acceptable means of medicating an individual. I think the chances of getting a smoked joint covered by Obamacare is zip, said Kevin Sabet, Ph.D.
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