Easton Pharmaceuticals Discloses Existing Medicated Market Revenues From Its Medical Marijuana Operations That Have Surpassed $2,000,000; Provides Clarification On Other Items – Yahoo Finance

In January of 2015, prices had spiked to $2185 increased for medicinal marijuana In California, which was the estimate used to derive sales numbers. Using adjusted conservative numbers of only 1 pound per plant as a yield and $1350 which was the lowest price sold for in 2014 after upgrades to property, Medicated Markets would yield $13.5 million for 2015 or $3.37 million quarterly. If a conservative SG&A of 30% were used, it would result in a profit of $2.359 Million of which Easton would be allocated 40% ownership or $943,000 per quarter. This is nearly a 100% Return on equity paid for in restricted shares in 1 year of operation. Medicated Markets were provided an initial upfront cash payment and issued “rule 144 restricted shares” (which are in escrow till maturity) and not free trading shares. These shares were valued at .02 giving the transaction a value of $4,000,000. Many have noted negative trading activity in Easton pharmaceutical stock in the month of February.
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