Director Solar, a
subsidiary of SinglePoint, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SING), is gaining new business in 2020 with
its sales, and marketing initiatives begin to offer more leads. The company
developed a new contract last week because of improvements in customer service,
efforts of canvassing teams, and partnership channels.

Posts impressive

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of
SinglePoint, Greg Lambrecht, said the company is committed to improve the
business of Direct Solar and continue the development. With states quickly
introducing incentives, the company will act quickly and explore the viability
to decide to roll out new teams in that region. Solar is a hot topic and the
driving factor and helps the company to expand its business rapidly. Direct
Solar has posted revenues of $2 million in the last six months.

SEIA declares
2020 as the solar decade

SEIA (The solar energy industries association)
has declared 2020 as the solar decade. Abigial Ross Hopper, Chief Executive
Officer, and President, the solar industry, will be the main source of energy
this decade. Clean energy technologies such as solar will improve economies and
reduce green gas emissions. The solar installations in the US in Q1 2019 have
exceeded 2 million.

The solar installations are expected to
increase to 3 million next year and 4 million in 2023. It is on the backdrop of
improved environmental awareness and reduced installation costs. Renewable
solar energy is economical and a substitute for conventional energy sources.

appoints a new CFO

SinglePoint has appointed Corey Lambrecht as
the Chief Finance Officer to support revenues expansion. The company will also
focus on expanding the footprint for Direct Solar. He also invested in
LifeStyle Wireless before joining SinglePoint. Corey also served on the board
of LifeStyle after it gets merged with Carbon Credits International.

President of SinglePoint, Wil Ralston, said
the company is excited to welcome Corey, who has a broad experience, to support
its existing management team and improve shareholder value. He said Corey has a
solid experience in strategic acquisitions, sustainability, and new business
development. Corey’s presence will help to scale up the solar business. The
recently acquired Direct Solar continues to provide promising results.