Data Security Is Another Bullish Sector Because Of The Increase In Cyber Criminal Activity.

“Timing the market is notoriously difficult. Nobody can do it consistently.” Sectors Which Could See Higher Moves Industries such as biotech and energy still have room to move up, Spatafora said. “They seem to be good sectors to diversify your portfolio given consumption needs for power and an aging Baby Boomer demographic,” he said. Investors should not exit the market since they could miss out on a period of continued above average growth, said Michael Berger, founder of Technical420, a Miami-based company that conducts research on cannabis stocks and a former Raymond James energy analyst. “Improvements in technology have made it very easy for investors to get in and out of positions and recent investors should use volatile periods as buying opportunities,” he said. Biotech and data security companies remain good buys and some companies are undervalued. Biotech companies do not trade on earnings and instead rise or decline based on FDA approval. “We think investors need to be selective and focus on companies with a deep pipeline of products in advanced stages of FDA testing,” Berger said. Data security is another bullish sector because of the increase in cyber criminal activity. “One company we are favorable on is Palo Alto Networks ( PANW ) and we expect to see the company continue to benefit from bullish global sector trends,” he colorado pot business said.

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