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Drugs were not. (The possibility of her dying) was always a fear of mine, he said. One of many Killeen police deal with drug-related incidents from crack cocaine to prescription drugs nearly every day. According to the RAIDS online crime tracking website, the Killeen Police Department reported 248 drug- or narcotics-related violations in the city since January. Last year, there were 358 reports of drug violations. Those range from minor violations for possession of small amounts of marijuana or drug paraphernalia, to reports of possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs. The largest concentration of violations occurred in northwestern Killeen, in an area downtown between Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Rancier Avenue. The area of Eighth Street and Avenue D where Garcias body was found is in the center of that hot zone. It was very easy to obtain drugs in Killeen, and she had no trouble getting them, Spry said. Drug battle Today, Killeen police continue to wage a battle against drugs in the city, investigating the possession, delivery and manufacturing of controlled substances. The department has a downtown unit tasked with patrolling the area.
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