Dana Milbank: Cure For Political Ills? Medical Marijuana. – The Washington Post

Tests show that marijuana makes animals less sensitive to provocations such as a bell ringing. If you ring it, they get freaked out, Marcu said. If you give them a cannabinoid, they tend not to get freaked out. In addition, cannabis might help lawmakers rise above the cycle of constant combat and revenge much the way it helps soldiers overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. Thats one great thing about the endocannabinoid system, he said. Its there to help you forget useless information or information thats harmful. Far out. At the briefing, the advocates took pains to demonstrate their professionalism. Most wore business attire (although one man sported a black cap, sunglasses and a large flower in his lapel) and they spoke about manufacturing processes and growing standards. This is an industry thats in the maturation state, said Tim Smale, who runs a marijuana dispensary in Maine. No longer do you see the hippies and the tie-dyes necessarily speaking. Still, a moment later he got on his knees and asked congressional staffers to help the cause.
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