Cops And Politicians Play Doctor With California Patients | Legalization Nation | East Bay Express

Sen. Lou Correa (center) and the police are not doctors, but they play them on the Senate floor SB 1262 in its current version would prevent doctors from recommending cannabis to adults under 21, unless it is high in cannabidiol (CBD) a rarity in California. THC not CBD is the main active ingredient in cannabis, and high THC cannabis has been proven to treat pain, nausea, vomiting , irritable bowel syndrome, and a myriad other health conditions. The bill contends that cannabis causes “possible” brain damage, which is an unsubstantiated claim. The US government has patented the molecules in cannabis called cannabinoids because they prevent brain damage. The bill also prevents physicians from recommending butane hash oil the cops scare-word for marijuana concentrates like the kind soundly endorsed by cannabis expert Mark Kleiman at UCLA, and glaucoma patient Whoopi Goldberg, of The View.
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