Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC), a company specializing in the production and distribution of cannabis, hemp and cannabis devices today unveiled Spectrum Therapeutics. The business guru says Spectrum Therapeutics will be a global brand.

The purpose of Spectrum Therapeutics

The company has over the recent years directed resources towards clinical and medical research operations. These include the Canopy Health Innovations (CHI), Spectrum Cannabis, and C3 Cannabinoid Compound Company. The purpose for the formation of C3 Cannabinoid Compound Company was to develop cannabinoid-based medical therapies. Spectrum Therapeutics is set to encompass all these.

Analysts support the move to incorporate all these entities into a single unified ecosystem. According to them, this will help a huge deal in integrating the organization’s medical efforts. It is about establishing one diversified global healthcare enterprise.

Spectrum Therapeutics hopes is looking to focus in the production and the supply of the single and the full-spectrum cannabinoid medical products. Asides from that, it will promote education among patients and give them support they need. The healthcare practitioners also won’t be left behind in these efforts.

A lot of resources will be directed towards the pre-clinical and clinical research. Most importantly, the business hopes to succeed on its quest to develop leading cannabinoid-based medicines.

A focus into the future

Analysts have applauded Spectrum Therapeutics for the recent acquisition of C3.   They think it is at the brink of taking over market leadership in the medical cannabis on a global scale. Spectrum Therapeutics will dedicate resources and efforts empowering physicians in Europe and the world at large.

The goal will be to educate them on the wide range of therapies drawn from the various cannabinoid-based medicines. Dronabinol, which happens to be C3‘s cannabinoid pharmaceutical drug can now be traced in stores in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Denmark. Dronabinol is going to be markete4d under the Bionorica Ethics branding.

The Canopy Growth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Ware opines, “We also offer education for patients and healthcare professionals and are engaged in research to define the safety and efficacy of cannabinoid medicines and the development of new cannabinoid-based treatments.”

Spectrum Therapeutics says it will confirm that countries seeking to benefit from its medical cannabis education fall within the legal regulatory frameworks.