An All-time High: Medical And Recreational Marijuana Use Shedding Its Stigma In And Around Jackson |

Today, 58 percent say the drug should be legalized , according to a recent Gallop poll. Jarzynka, along with Heins and Jackson City Attorney Bethany Smith, have had to tweak how they do business after the November ballot initiative. The proposal changed the city’s code to read: “none of the provisions of this division shall apply to the use, possession or transfer of less than 1 ounce of marijuana on private property by a person who has attained the age of 21 years.” Upholding the law Within Jackson city limits, marijuana cases dropped dramatically from 219 arrests for possession in 2010 to 52 in 2013, according to department records. Police officials attributed the reduction to the loss of seven police officers due to budget cuts , while also acknowledging that small amounts of marijuana have increasingly become a lower priority. Anything more than an ounce, though, could still result in felony drug charges. While campaigning last year, Jackson Mayor Jason Smith said city police “have bigger fish to fry” than marijuana arrests and investigations. “I don’t smoke, but an ounce is a very small amount,” he said during his campaign.
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