A 21 Percent Stake In Whistler Medical, The Only Currently Licensed Organic Producer That Sells 100 Percent End Products, According To Gorenstein.

Cronos Group Execs Talk About Cannabis Co., Recent Their product lines include: Peace Naturals, a medicinally focused LP in Ontario. It is actually the first non-incumbent license to be granted under the federally legal program, Gorenstein said. In The Zone Produce, a British Columbia LP focused on the recreational market. Other ventures include: A partnership with Pedanios to export cannabis to Germany. Indigenous Roots, a joint venture to create a brand with Canadian First Nations. The group is led by colorado medical marijuana news Phil Fontaine, the former National Chief of Assembly of First Nations, Klein added. Were really focused on producing products for indigenous people and communities that have been historically underserved from a medicinal standpoint, he said. Were really focused on taking social entrepreneurship to the next level. Its about job creation and infrastructure building, and also wealth creation for a group thats traditionally been underserved, Gorenstein went on. A 21 percent stake in Whistler Medical, the only currently licensed organic producer that sells 100 percent end products, according to Gorenstein. The $17 Million Bought Deal Last week, Cronos announced a bought deal public offering of approximately $17.3 million.

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