420 Dilemma? Marijuana Emerges In Local Search

Or, do you need to avoid overtly promoting the products on a website perhaps implying without outright stating, or making use of double entendres? Geographic And Demographic Targeting Some have argued that its not particularly fair for Google to disallow the paid ads for recreational marijuana, since they could be okay in a legal sense through demographic targeting. I can currently see one marijuana retail listing appearing for a search for [marijuana, denver, co] on Google: The business in question is actually a medical marijuana dispensary ( Best Marijuana in Denver Medical Weed Dispensary , according to their website title, although the homepage promises The best party in town). So, its possible that ads for medical marijuana may not be limited by the states prohibition on advertising. Or maybe this one just slipped through. But, wait the companys homepage states that they offer both medical and recreational marijuana. It seems the advertising limits are not applied to medical dispensaries, although they are not supposed to promote marijuana in recreational terms. Obviously, this leaves something open in interpretation its understandable that quite a few dispensaries would have branched out into also offering recreational sales this year. It is now easy to find local listings on Google and Google Maps for [medical marijuana] in Denver: On Bing, one can find local shops for just a [marijuana] search in Denver: If you search for [recreational marijuana], though, the local listings disappear, while paid ads for Recreational Dispensary do appear: In Washington State, the rules for retail marijuana advertising appear to be less restrictive; they seem to focus upon advertising that appears in conjunction with the physical location: Q: Are there any restrictions on advertising? A: Retailers are limited to one 1,600 square inch sign bearing their business/trade name. They cannot put products on display to the general public such as through window fronts.
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