What Legal Cannabis Means For Canada’s Economy

Canada is buzzing after the legalization of recreational cannabis, with long lines at the few retailers already open, a supply shortage, impaired driving fears, people taking to the streets in joy … But what does legalization mean for... Read more →


After almost a century of prohibition, Canada has become the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to fully legalize the use of cannabis. Accounting firm Deloitte estimates legal marijuana is expected to become more than a $6bn business... Read more →

Cannabis in Canada: Big banks are missing a boom

KushCo Holdings, a company that sells packaging and supplies to the cannabis industry, would love to borrow money from a real bank. CEO Nick Kovacevich wants to secure up to $30 million in revolving credit, so he can hire more employees and... Read more →

The five best U.S. senators on marijuana policy

With the 2018 election almost upon us, I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about why Congress has never passed a bill legalizing marijuana. Despite overwhelming public support for both medical marijuana and regulating it like alcohol, our... Read more →
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